The Catholic week, at a glance.

These Seven Days is a first-of-its-kind digest of weekly Catholic living, delivered directly to your inbox every Friday afternoon. We are called to live integrated lives, with the spiritual and the liturgical existing fully with the temporal and, yes, the digital. These Seven Days aims to bring all of this together into a weekly newsletter that prepares and nourishes in the fullness of the Christian vocation.

Keeping you ahead of the Liturgical Calendar

One of the hardest parts of living liturgically in a world that spurns the supernatural order is simply being aware of the calendar in time to do anything about it. These Seven Days brings you the details of Sunday Mass and the upcoming week of feasts and fasts so you can prepare yourself and your family for the next seven days on the terms of Christ and His Church, rather than the world.

Trawling the Internet so you don’t have to

As disheartening as the state of the world and the Church can be, there is still an incredible amount of intellectually and spiritually nourishing content being produced by Catholics online. These Seven Days delivers the best of the week on Twitter and the rest of the Catholic Internet so you don’t have to scroll through the detritus of social media to find it.

Your Captain

(Someone once said I look like Gavin MacLeod. I don’t think so, but, honestly, I’ll take it. Look at that smile.)

I’m Brandon McGinley, and I’ll aim to bring a little of my own personality to each edition of These Seven Days, including some brief opening commentary. I’m a writer, editor, and sometimes speaker, currently working as the Editor for EWTN Publishing, a collaboration between the global Catholic network and Sophia Institute Press. My wife and I have four little kiddos, and we live in Pittsburgh in the midst of a growing collection of young Catholic families.