TSD 32: The Newsy One

TSD 31: Salt of the Earth

TSD 30: All You Holy Men and Women

TSD 29: Tobit or Not Tobit

TSD 28: Jesus Heals

TSD 27: Go North Young Man

TSD 26: Two Different Doctors

TSD 25: Irruptions of the Sacred

TSD 24: The Birds of the Air

TSD 23: Catholic Andy?

TSD 22: Anglophobia

TSD 21: All in the Family

TSD 20: Pius <3 Mary

TSD 19: Ancient and New

TSD 18: A Visit to the OP

TSD 17: Confidence and Trust

TSD 16: The Third Place

TSD 15: CAR-mel or Car-MEL?

TSD 14: A Short One

TSD 13: A Mary-haunted Culture


The best in Catholic liturgy for the coming week and Catholic culture from the last week.